Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

SMS Marketing is Quick & Responsive Way to Engage Customers

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Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

Amongst the dozens of advertising options, bulk SMS marketing is one of the best ways to reach people efficiently. It is considered a hidden gem that makes your business popular to the mobile focused audience. India is a nation of emerging businesses and undoubtedly the country gives new horizons to budding entrepreneurs to flourish across the boundaries. Apparently, bulk SMS service provider in India makes it easier for startups to reach the potential buyers in fraction of a second.

SMS or Short Message Service is a synonym for texting and it is equally important to promotional marketing as brochures, pamphlets or social media advertising. Startup entrepreneurs and even established businesses of the country, irrespective of the size of the business can contact their state-specific bulk SMS service provider in India to promote their products and services.

Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

SMS Marketing is Quick & Responsive Way to Engage Customers

In comparison to other advertising modes, SMS marketing enjoys highest success ratio with the access rate of 98%. This percentage is even huge than email marketing or other promotional strategies with surety that the SMS you send would never get unnoticed. Bulk SMS service in India is incredibly beneficial for businesses operating in all the domains in the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

Business organizations will get additional benefits as the buyers in metropolitan cities stay extra alert of any new launch, deals, offers and discounts. SMS marketing serves as a great platform for promoting a product among masses, but is highly affordable. Even small business firms can afford to integrate bulk SMS Excel sending software in their commercial premises. No matter, whatever technology you are using, you can always integrate SMS software in your existing business environment.

World has gone digital and so does the businesses, the traditional advertising ways to promote a business such as pamphlets and brochures has gone out-dated. SMS messaging is the most preferred and updated way to promote business among people. Keep your audience updated with up-to-the minute details of your business.

An Insight to Bulk SMS Messaging Technology

Bulk SMS service is an innovative and technologically advanced method that allows businesses to send promotions, reminders and updates to the clients and customers. The trending advertising strategy is serving a lot of domains and commercial sectors with revolutionary solutions through advanced technology.

Through bulk SMS Excel sending software, businesses can send either single or thousand messages to the customers. The software can upload and manage thousands of contacts details in an organized manner in a comprehensive database. The SMS sending software apps are engineered using pioneered and cutting-edge technology that makes it easy to assimilate and utilize in any business environment.

Since India is on a growing spree to become a business hub, it is vital for small, medium and large businesses to reach audience in a quick, convenient and affordable manner to stay competitive. SMS marketing is helping the marketers, business owners, retailers, manufacturing firms as well as all other segments to reach the audience efficiently and effectively in a reasonable manner. Mobile marketing solutions delivered by bulk SMS Company in India enables national and international businesses to engage a huge audience base quickly and generate higher revenue.

How Bulk Messaging Works

If you opt for bulk SMS India service, all you need to do is frame a promotional message in a creative yet informative form and share it with the service provider. It will then broadcast to thousands of mobile numbers across various networks following a simple procedure. That’s it! Your business is all set to reach its audience in next few seconds.

What is an bulk SMS Gateway?

Bulk SMS gateway is a way to integrate your existing setup with SMS APIs. It’s important to choose the right bulk sms gateway that provides high quality, real time delivery reports and transparency. We are reliable bulk SMS gateway providers who work to contribute to your long term success. Our SMS gateway easily integrates with any system to communicate with customers. Easy Dots Technologies SMS gateway helps you to improve customer base, engagement levels, sales, audience’s loyalty.

Bulk SMS

Promotional SMS

Promotional sms services are used to send discounts and promotional offers to customers. We help you send bulk personalized sms to your customers with few clicks. With our easy to use platform, set up a sms campaign, and inform your customers by sending regular alerts and promo codes. Sender ID or Header is created to send such messages. No alphabetic characters can be used in ID. Once set up, we provide you with instant deliverability and accurate delivery reports. Our bulk sms promotional services are designed to promote your business and boost engagement levels.

Transactional SMS

Use transactional sms services to Interact and engage with your customers in real time. We provide a fully managed sms API that goes beyond just sending messages. With Easy Dots Technologies, you can schedule sms, manage contacts, and get real time delivery status. We use advanced routing technologies to send transactions sms over multiple networks. Use our platform to send information, alerts, and OTP 24*7 to Non DND mobile numbers.


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